‘Climate change making flights more turbulent’

From 1979 to 2020, severe turbulence shot up by 55%, new research reveals

‘China lifts COVID restrictions and jet fuel demand doubles’

Demand globally is set to rise by 20% year on year, a report claims

Qantas signs 20m litre SAF deal

This follows the introduction of SAF for its London flights last January

easyJet and Rolls-Royce team up for sustainable aviation research

The companies will partake in a two-year study to better understand how zero-emission technologies can be implemented into the sector

Qantas to use SAF for London flights from next month

It has signed an agreement to purchase 10 million litres of the fuel from bp

Sustainable aviation fuel tech gets £15m funding

This funding is part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan and could see up to a 70% reduction in emissions compared with fossil fuels