‘Climate change making flights more turbulent’

From 1979 to 2020, severe turbulence shot up by 55%, new research reveals

Net zero is a ‘PR exercise,’ says Qatar Airways boss

He believes a 2050 target is not possible and the industry is being unrealistic with its aims

Aviation sector unleashes new 2050 net zero roadmap

Technology, finance, policy, energy infrastructure and operations are all key focuses of the strategy

King Charles opens clean aviation centre after receiving his crown

The centre will bring together some of the top aviation and energy experts in the world

Jet2 looks to buy 200m litres of SAF

The firm has said the purchase would represent one of the longest agreed SAF supply deals to date

‘Net zero aviation will see ticket prices fly’

Despite this, the industry still expects the number of people flying to rise by 250m by 2050

Premier League teams flying to games – what’s the impact?

New research has found that for 100 fixtures, 81 short-haul flights were taken, with some as short as 27 minutes

Airlines sue Dutch government over flight cuts

Flights from Amsterdam Schiphol are set to drop by 60,000 per year

‘Government must invest in clean fuels for transport’

That’s the view from a cross-party committee advising on future steps

‘Half of the UK’s farmland would be needed for Jet Zero’

Or the country would need double its renewable electricity capacity, a report claims