Messi takes 52 trips on private jet in three months

The carbon emissions released from these trips is more than the average French person would be responsible for in 150 years

Lufthansa offers customers carbon-neutral fare

This can be purchased for any level of flight

Boeing to open sustainability research centre in Japan

It will focus on sustainable aviation fuels, electric and hydrogen powertrain technologies, robotics, digitisation and batteries, among others

Co2mission: Turkish Airlines launches carbon offsetting scheme

The Co2mission initiative aims to balance the emissions caused by all business trips from the airline’s personnel and enable consumers to fly more environmentally conscious on a voluntary basis

Mercedes F1 team invests in SAF

It is looking to become net zero by 2030

Green aviation government-backed with £273m

Could solar-powered planes and NHS drones be the future?

Aviation makes up 7% of UK emissions – how do we slash this?

A new report is calling for more market-based measures to cut the carbon footprint of flying

Amex and Shell launch blockchain SAF program for businesses

Joining companies can use the platform to purchase SAF and cut business travel emissions

‘Airlines miss all but one climate target in 20 years’

This is due to the aviation sector regulating themselves, a new report claims

easyJet partners on hydrogen aviation venture

It hopes to have customers flying in hydrogen-powered planes by the end of the decade