Lufthansa first customer of carbon-neutral and electricity-based aviation fuel

The airline has committed to buying 25,000 litres of the fuel each year for the next five years

‘First’ net zero charter flights take off

The planes travelled from Stuttgart to Atlanta, powered by sustainable fuel

Bristol Airport to become ‘UK’s first net zero airport’

It has set a target of achieving carbon-neutrality by the end of this year and net zero by 2030

Net zero supersonic flights?

Holidaymakers could supposedly travel from San Francisco to Tokyo in only six hours using sustainable fuels

Alaska Airlines takes off with boxed water on flights to reduce plastic waste

It has teamed up with Boxed Water to replace plastic bottles with 92% plant-based water cartons, with the move expected to help reduce 7.2m plastic bottles from landfills every year

British Airways ‘to remove 250 million in-flight plastic items during 2020’

The airline is working to replace items such as blanket wrappers, cutlery and headsets with sustainable alternatives

Rolls Royce unveils ‘world’s fastest all-electric aircraft’

The firm says it is now integrating the electrical propulsion system to enable the zero-emissions plane to reach a target speed of more than 300mph next spring

Climate shaming: two thirds of under 35s have been affected

5% of UK adults say they are ‘regularly bullied’ over the impact they have on the planet

British Airways begins offsetting UK domestic flights

Airline promises all flights within the UK will be carbon neutral from 1 January 2020

easyJet aims for net zero flights with pledge to offset carbon emissions

It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus for joint research into hybrid and electric aircrafts