British Airways launches first carbon-neutral flight to Glasgow ahead of COP26

The flight was powered by sustainable aviation fuel made from recycled cooking oil

British Airways to offset all domestic CO2 emissions from 2020

The airline has promised to invest in renewable energy facilities, rainforest protection schemes and reforestation initiatives to help counteract the damage it causes to the planet

UK offers £150m to enable energy efficient aerospace designs to take flight

The competition will open on 8th April 2019

Hydrogen drone stays in the air for nearly 11 hours

South Korean firm MetaVista Inc and UK-based firm Intelligent Energy worked together to develop the technologies used

Rolls-Royce dives towards electric flight speed record

It hopes its new single-seater propeller-aircraft will be able to reach speeds in excess of 300mph

Hydrogen plane looks to gain serious altitude

HES Energy System hopes the vehicle will offer zero emission flights

China lands its first biofuel flight

China’s largest private carrier has completed the nation’s first commercial flight powered by waste cooking oil. Hainan Airlines used biofuel made by Sinopec from waste cooking oil collected from local restaurants to fly from Shanghai to Beijing. Both engines in the Boeing 737-800 were powered by a fuel blend of around 50% aviation biofuel mixed […]

Solar powered plane finishes groundbreaking US tour

A solar powered plane touched down at JFK airport over the weekend, marking the final leg of a groundbreaking tour around the United States. The Solar Impulse flew from Washington to New York despite damage to one of its wings. Piloted by Swiss co-founder and CEO Andre Borschberg, the plane made the journey in 18h23min […]