ENA looks to collaborate more towards flexibility

It is aiming to deliver key actions from the government’s ‘Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan’, involving stakeholders more in the shaping process

‘UK must triple pace of wind installations to meet net zero’

A new report states that 112GW of wind must be installed by 2035 if the country is to meet its net zero targets

‘Responsible energy use isn’t just about consuming less energy, it’s also about when you consume it’

That was the suggestion from Chris Curry, Head of Flexibility at Bryt Energy, who spoke to future Net Zero about the importance of a flexible energy system on the road to delivering net zero

Podcast: ‘Flexibility and low carbon energy are intrinsically linked’

That’s the suggestion from Ben Wallace, Head of Development for Urban Reserve at AMP Clean Energy, who spoke to future Net Zero about how flexibility can help deliver net zero

More than £50 million available for flexibility in biggest-ever tender

The funding package is to cover more than 130 sites in the organisation’s largest-ever open tender

How can flexibility help your business?

As the UK works towards net zero, the way we use electricity needs to adapt. You might have increasingly heard the term ‘flexibility’ recently, but what actually is it, and how could your business benefit from it?

Podcast: Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development at UK Power Networks

Listen to the full interview right here…

World-first for Flexibility markets as UK Power Networks reveals biggest-ever tender

UK Power Networks has awarded contracts for 123MW of flexible power, as it announces the results of its biggest ever flexibility tender

Smarter Grid Solutions launches distributed energy management system to reach net zero

The new product is said to be able to allow thousands of renewable energy devices to be connected to power grids and managed simultaneously

Moixa and Alfen team up for AI-powered EV charging

Moixa’s software will be integrated with Alfen’s EV chargers to create personalised smart charging plans for consumers