Baby salmon tagged to keep tabs on climate change

They are being tracked and monitored to see how temperature increases are impacting survival rates

Climate change could cause the worst marine extinction in 250m years

Scientists state that with current carbon emissions, the world is on course to see a repeat of the Great Dying

Crabs, lobsters and monkfish – ‘fish to avoid!’

A new study has revealed the most endangered Scottish fish that consumers should try to abstain from eating

England’s largest seagrass restoration project sees 3.5 hectares planted

Around 44% of the UK’s seagrass has been lost since 1936

Fishermen catch £1.4m sustainable funding

The government is providing the money to sustainable innovations

UK to help protect 500,000km of ocean

It will invest £2m to prevent plastic pollution and unregulated fishing

Scottish government announces £650k for salmon conservation

The funding will be used to protect wild populations and make farming more sustainable

‘Pollution is killing our waterways’

A new report claims that agricultural waste and sewage are destroying waterbodies in the UK and could lead to certain species’ extinction

How can offshore wind protect the oceans?

An £800k research project has been launched to see where offshore wind farms should be developed to protect wildlife and ecosystems