Chevron invests in soybean-to-renewable fuel venture

Chevron intends to use soybean oil as feedstock to produce biodiesel and jet fuel

Refgas…all our energy is stored in a shed!

Whilst energy storage mechanisms have improved dramatically over recent times, e.g. hi-tech battery storage being a prime example………….with a Refgas gasification and CHP plant, all you need is a nice, roomy shed in which to store your feedstock.

When is a waste not a waste?

Handling, transporting and treating waste materials can be a complex and expensive business. Combusting or treating such materials in any sort of thermal process gives you an even bigger headache, with a multitude of environmental, legislative, planning and licensing issues to overcome. That is, of course, unless you’re a company called Refgas . Based […]

Helius eyes 100MW biomass plant at south east port

Helius Energy hassigned an option to lease a 20 acre site in thePort of Southamptonfortheproposedconstruction of a 100MW biomass plant. Helius intends to submit anapplication for a Development Consent Order under the Planning Act 2008for the development of theprojectand will shortly enter into consultation with the local community and relevant statutory authorities. The plant will […]