IEA: ‘Renewable deployment helped limit rise in carbon emissions’

Without clean energy, the growth in carbon emissions would have been three times higher

World leaders meet to discuss clean energy transition

They are hopeful the talks lead to better collaboration and quicker production times

Global ministers meet to discuss emission reductions

The IEA claims that if action is quick enough, energy use the level of China’s demand could be slashed

IEA – G7 can lead the world in cutting industry emissions

It is calling on these nations to set a pathway for net zero industry by 2050

Governmental clean energy spending rose by 50% in Covid recovery

However, developing economies represent just one-tenth of this spending, a new report claims

Renewable electricity capacity to increase by 60% in the next five years, IEA predicts

Renewable power installations are forecast to break a record this year, according to IEA’s new report