New £17.5m fund launched to promote sustainable farming

The government programme is looking to grow technologies and ideas that will help the sector reach net zero

Net Hero Podcast – Plants under panels, the future of agriculture?

Time to grow crops under your solar panels? Can Solar Farming solve our food needs in a net zero world?

Scottish government announces £650k for salmon conservation

The funding will be used to protect wild populations and make farming more sustainable

‘Pollution is killing our waterways’

A new report claims that agricultural waste and sewage are destroying waterbodies in the UK and could lead to certain species’ extinction

Can gene editing protect the environment?

Government is supporting gene editing in farming to create more sustainable produce and protect biodiversity

Robots farm more sustainably than humans

A California-based company is developing an artificial intelligence solution to the carbon footprint of agriculture

Arla to pilot regenerative farming to cut carbon and protect biodiversity

It is looking to use the data generated from the pilot to determine carbon levels, how these can be cut down and benefit nature

Heineken trials ways to cut barley emissions in its beer

The pilot will have 10 farmers take part, harvesting enough barley to make 300m pints of beer

‘All cows will be using toilets in a few years’ – for the climate…

A new study reveals that if 80% of cows were potty-trained, it could cut ammonia emissions by up to 50%

The American family farm that powers up to 300 homes – using the Sun!

A regular farm bought in the 1970s has now become the largest solar powered site of its kind in the United States