A fifth of Europe is now under drought warning

Farmers are expecting one of their worst harvests for years, with Spain and Southern France tipped to be under huge threat from the weather

Ban Ki-Moon slams delay on climate finance

‘We have no time to lose,’ the former UN Secretary-General said

Fertiliser emissions could drop by 80%

They currently account for 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions during their entire lifecycle

EU proposes carbon removal certification scheme in net zero drive

The proposal lays down requirements for third-party verification and certification of carbon removals, the management of certification schemes and the functioning of registries

Amazon Web Services commits to become water-positive by 2030

This will ensure it will return more water to communities than it uses in its direct operations

Backlash from environmental farming review

The government’s green subsidy reward scheme for farmers is on hold

PepsiCo and ADM to cut carbon through regenerative agriculture

Their efforts could eliminate around 1.4m metric tons of greenhouse gases annually at the farm level

Virgin Money helps farmers reach net zero with £200m loan

The loan will see agricultural businesses invest in renewables and energy efficiency

Farmers to be offered grants of up to £30k for ‘greener’ practices

Regenerative practices designed to protect rivers will be supported by Severn Trent’s funding

Primark training 275k cotton farmers to ‘be more sustainable’

It claims this process uses 40% less chemicals and 10% less water per acre