WMO: ‘World temperatures could go further this year’

This is after record temperatures were experienced in 2022 across Europe and the UK

Tomatoes denied by extreme weather!

Extreme cold and floods have seen crop yields hit hard

Scotland invests in climate defences in Malawi

The government has followed through on its promise to help developing countries fight the impacts of climate change

‘Climate change harming real estate investments’

Almost half of property investors have seen impacts of extreme weather on their assets, a study has found

‘China at high risk to climate impacts’

China is home to 16 of the 20 regions most vulnerable to climate change in the world, a study has found

‘Don’t just cope with climate change, slash emissions’

Focus on the reasons for climate change, not just its impacts, a think tank has warned

New Zealand minister: ‘Cyclone a result of climate inaction’

The country is currently in a state of emergency following the battering experienced from Cyclone Gabrielle

Climate change bringing avalanches to Scotland

These have also become less predictable, with quickly shifting weather patterns

‘El Niño and extreme heat to return in 2023’

The year could be one of the hottest ever recorded, scientists warn

UN: ‘Floods in Pakistan to push 42m into poverty’

This combines the impact of last year’s heavy floods and what’s predicted for 2022