Telford gaining 70 new EV charging points

It has received £680k in funding from the Department for Transport

‘Not one HGV electric charger in all of Britain’

That’s according to the SMMT, claiming this will make the 2040 goal to end the sale of new fossil-powered HGVs unachievable

‘Real EV ranges are 20% lower than carmakers claim’

That’s the claim made in a new study that tested more than 70 EVs

New British EV charging company hits roads

This joint venture is looking to build up to 35,000 charge points across the UK in the next ten years

UK supercharges public EV charging points with £56m

The new funding is predicted to support the installation of 2,400 more public EV charging devices in areas such as Cumbria, Norfolk and Oxfordshire

EVs lead to fall in asthma hospital admissions, study shows

New research found that as EV adoption increased within an area in California, asthma-related emergency room visits dropped

Just Climate invests in three businesses focussed on decarbonisation

ABB E-Mobility, H2 Green Steel and Meva Energy will all receive investment to scale up their operations

EV drivers warned range could suffer in cold snap

The cold weather could see your range drop by up to 41%, a study has shown

‘Government says smart could save EV drivers £1,000’

It is looking to make smart charging the norm in 2025

Europe bags 16k new EV chargers

These are being made available through a deal with Italy’s largest network