UK allocates £2bn for zero emission vehicle supply chain

The government has released its highly anticipated Battery Strategy, outlining a plan to bolster domestic supply chains for electric vehicles and reduce dependence on Chinese-made batteries

Tesla launches ‘UK’s first’ supercharger for all EVs

The new EV charger in Tottenham is designed to be used by electric vehicles from any brand

Jaguar Land Rover’s old car batteries to power UK grid

The used electric vehicle batteries will be repurposed to store excess power during off peak times and release it back into the grid when needed

‘Cloak keeps EVs going strong’

Researchers have developed a “thermal cloak” that passively regulates temperatures in EVs, promising longer-lasting batteries and improved performance

UK EV market boom: Industry urges VAT cut on public charging

The BEV market grew by 39.4% in June, according to a new industry report

Zenobē and National Express power Glastonbury with electric buses

Zenobē will supply eight electric double-decker buses for the Bristol-Glastonbury route, along with a pop-up charging station

EVs cause twice the road damage of petrol vehicles, study reveals

A University of Leeds study shows EVs put 2.24 times more stress on roads than petrol vehicles, possibly worsening the UK’s pothole crisis

EV battery innovations get £27m backing

The funding will be shared between 17 selected projects

West developing EV batteries to fight China’s dominance

Companies are looking to build batteries using sodium and sulphur instead of lithium, cobalt and nickel

EDF Renewables building 50MW battery site

The site will reportedly be able to power 100,000 homes with clean energy for two hours