Government offers £2m in new grants for green transport startups

Battery cooling and portable charging solutions are among the awarded projects

Renault partners to cut carbon footprint of EV battery production

It has partnered with Vulcan Energy, which it claims will help it avoid between 300kg and 700kg of carbon emissions for a 50KWh EV battery

UK’s lithium future charged with £1.6m

The company behind the UK’s first large-scale commercial lithium refinery, has secured funding more than five times the initial target amount

BMW partners with Off Grid Energy to give second life to retired EV batteries

Old BMW and MINI EV battery modules will be used to build new charging infrastructure

V2G project turns electric fleet into sources of additional revenue for businesses

E.ON and Nissan have deployed 20 vehicle-to-grid chargers to test how EVs can support the UK grid, save money and reduce carbon emission for companies