EU surpasses 90% gas storage target ahead of winter

The recently revealed data indicates that European gas storage levels have reached 90.12% of capacity, corresponding to more than 93 billion cubic metres of natural gas

Natural catastrophes cost insurers $50bn in the first half of 2023

A major new report from Swiss Re reveals a series of severe connective storms in the US accounted for 68% of the global catastrophe losses alone, costing $35bn

Birds Eye owner turns to solar power to reduce carbon emissions

The installation of the roof and ground-mounted solar panels is expected to help the frozen foods company reduce emissions by 1,180 tonnes annually

‘Global coal consumption at record high level’

New report by International Energy Agency says global coal consumption is at an all-time high

Electric buses get £50m to hit the continent

A UK-based hydrogen bus company will make their way to Europe, Asia and North America thanks to the funding

A fifth of Europe is now under drought warning

Farmers are expecting one of their worst harvests for years, with Spain and Southern France tipped to be under huge threat from the weather

‘EU must reshape everything it does to reach climate-neutrality’

That’s according to the latest report by the European Environment Agency

‘The more people have to change lifestyles for climate action, the less they support it’

This is despite an average of 70% of Europeans stating that climate change is a worry for them

‘More than 1m EVs registered in Europe this year’

The highest number of registrations came in March, with close to 500,000 hitting the roads

‘Tourism not behind other sectors on sustainability’

That’s according to the European Commission’s Environment Chief