UN releases climate report: ‘A wake-up call for climate’

The UN is calling on Europe to heavily boost its environmental action

‘Groundbreaking’ agreement clears way for Europe’s first CO2 storage trial in North Sea

INEOS will capture CO2 from its Zwijndrecht plant to be transported through the Port of Antwerp to its Nini platform in the Danish North Sea to be permanently stored

Britain has exported more power to EU than ever before

The country became a net exporter of electricity for three months of the year

China asks Europe for ‘positive’ climate action

The Asian superpower has called out the continent for its return to coal

Up to £3m offered for sustainable cities and urban environments in Europe

Between eight to 10 projects will be supported, with the aim of addressing key urban challenges facing cities in the transition to a more sustainable economy

Energy Impact Partners raises €390m to accelerate net zero transition

Its European Fund will target ‘mission-driven’ companies with established products, markets and customers across the full spectrum of the energy transition

‘Unprecedented’ €1bn financing secured for 2.6GW of renewable energy projects

It will consist of more than 50 projects of predominantly solar and onshore wind farms in Spain and Portugal

New partnership to boost green hydrogen supply between Ireland and Europe

Irish firm EIH2 has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Cork for the partnership

Google maps out new feature for fuel-efficient routes

Drivers can choose a route on Google Maps that is optimised for lower fuel usage, helping them save money on fuel and reducing carbon emissions

European intervention sees gas prices drop

The EU is looking to separate gas and electricity prices to protect consumers