Europe bags 16k new EV chargers

These are being made available through a deal with Italy’s largest network

‘Europe and polar regions struck hardest by global warming’

That’s after 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record

UK slowing down EV production, as prices jump

The rate is set to drop from 360k to 280k, analysis suggests

‘Skiing in doubt’, says WMO

This is after record temperatures in Europe of more than 20°C in the New Year

January weather in Europe hits all-time high

Temperatures have hit levels as high as 10°C above the average

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas

VW claims largest EV charging network in Europe

It now boasts 400k chargers across 27 countries

‘Owning an electric car is now cheaper than a petrol car’

That includes the total cost of maintenance, according to new data

China to take charge of EV market

China could have a 15% stake in the European EV market by 2025, a report claims

Belfast backed by Europe for ‘Net Zero Neighbourhood’

Councillors are not all happy with the part of the city that will benefit, however