EU charging infrastructure ‘must expand to meet rising demand for EVs’

Although European sales of EVs increased by 110% in the last three years, the number of charging points grew by just 58%, according to a new report

Brunel University London lands €875k to cut waste, water and energy use from industry

The EU funding makes up a share of more than €10m in total finance aimed at cutting waste, water and energy use from industry

MEPS urge EU to tackle pharmaceutical pollution by making greener medicines

The calls for greener manufacturing and better waste management aim to reduce environmental impacts without affecting the effectiveness of the drugs

EU Parliament votes in favour of 40% emissions reduction from shipping industry

Members of the European Parliament want the sector to contribute to climate neutrality

EU proposes to cut 15% more emissions by 2030

The proposed target of 55% marks a step up from its previous goal to reduce emissions by 40% from 1990 levels

Germany commits to making its EU Council presidency climate-neutral

More than 400 planned events will be organised at renewable-powered locations and with organic seasonal foods for the catering

‘The EU is on track to meet 2030 emission targets’, says IEA

The IEA has noted a 23% decline in the EU’s greenhouse emissions in 2019 from 1990

New Emissions Trading System proposed for UK to accelerate progress on tackling climate change

The new scheme will replace the EU’s carbon trading programme and will ensure the UK can deliver on its promise to reach net zero by 2050

IEA: ‘Austria could reach carbon-neutrality by 2040′

According to the IEA, while the nation’s CO2 emissions have increased since 2014, recent policy measures could fast-track the transition to clean energy

EIB injects €75m into innovative low carbon steelmaking technologies

The bank has granted a €75m loan for two fuel projects in Belgium set to reduce up to 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in their first phase