Nature recovery projects get £11m boost

The projects focus on protecting wildlife, habitats and endangered species

UK watchdog bans Oatly ads over ‘misleading’ green claims

The Swedish food company was told to withdraw its ads and give evidence on environmental claims

Israel to plant 450,000 trees by 2040

The plan has been announced to tackle climate change and scorching temperatures

Environment Act gives boost to biodiversity business

EB help developments increase biodiversity, a new mandatory requirement as part of the government’s act

Climate change threatening our history?

Rising temperatures could claim a new victim in 22,500 archaeological sites across the UK

Are British school classes filled with CO2?

Nearly one-in-eight schools and colleges have “too high” levels of carbon dioxide, according to a government survey

Tighter laws to stop ‘bin criminals’

Waste crime cost England £924m three years ago and the government is stepping up action

Animal loss halves plants’ ability to cope with climate change

The extinction and depletion of mammals has heavily impacted the survival of plants

Government to boost nature recovery and protect landscapes

More ambitious measures will be put in place to protect national parks across England and stop climate change and biodiversity loss

UK $10m package to help Somalia tackle drought

The East African country has been suffering heavily from droughts and floods exacerbated by climate change