Environment Agency Chief: ‘Climate change will lead to UK droughts no matter the success of COP26’

Sir James Bevan has warned that water shortages in the coming decades are unavoidable and that government and water companies must start preparing for this now

EVs to tackle flooding

The Environment Agency has deployed EVs to protect properties in Hebden Bridge from flooding

Net zero project at Teesworks Freeport wins £175,000 grant

It will investigate how permitting can be used as a positive tool to reduce air and water emissions as part of the overall ambition of the zero carbon industrial cluster

Low carbon concrete to keep the tides at bay

The Environment Agency will use low carbon concrete to lower emissions related to the construction of sea defence projects

Environmental leaders warn 2020 is last chance to take ‘decisive’ action on climate change

Leaders of UK government agencies Natural England and the Environment Agency say world is faltering when action is desperately needed

Sunderland man fined £12k for illegal waste operation

Clifford Shee, aged 55, was prosecuted by the Environment Agency for operating outside the requirements of three exempt waste activities

Environment Agency issues raft of flood warnings and alerts for the UK

The move follows heavy rain this weekend causing rivers across the country to come close to overflowing their banks

Biffa ordered to pay £600k for exporting banned waste to China

The waste management giant said it would seek to appeal against the verdict

Recycling firm ordered to pay £54k for breaching environmental regulations

Northern Compliance pleaded guilty this week for its failure to finance the cost of the collection, treatment, recovery or disposal of household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in 2017

Environment Agency to launch biowaste sector review

It says the biowaste sector is critical to a closed loop, circular economy as well as helping meet renewable energy targets