London and UK “unprepared” for climate change impact

The London Climate Resilience Review identifies lethal risks to vulnerable communities, citing a lack of strategic vision from the national government hindering progress

“Raw sewage floods sensitive UK wilderness areas for 300,000 hours”

Nearly 1,200 sewage overflow pipes in England and Wales discharged raw sewage for over 300,000 hours last year in protected wildlife habitats, according to a report

Water sector is ‘failing’ on pollution

That’s the claim of a committee report, stating both Ofwat and the government are failing in supporting the water industry

‘Driest February in 30 years’

England is in desperate need of heavy rainfall for farming and drinking water supplies, a report suggests

Fish poachers apprehended!

Four men found with illegal instruments to poach fish have been detained by the EA

Polluting water companies could face £250m fine

This is a 1,000-fold increase from the current cap of £250k

Northeast protected with £3m

Tree planting, river health and biodiversity have all been areas of focus

Drinking treated sewage is the future, says EA chief

Sir James Bevan has said people need to be “less squeamish” about where drinking water comes from

Parts of UK move into ‘drought status’

This is following the incessant hot temperatures the country has experienced this summer

Environment Agency pushing to keep rivers flowing in heatwave

This is following one of the driest spells witnessed in some parts of the UK since 1976