A guide to electric asset optimisation

The UK’s energy system is evolving, but how can organisations evolve with it?

GridBeyond pulls behind-the-meter storage into aggregated unit

In a market first, GridBeyond executes on its strategy of bringing distributed energy storage assets together as one resource to access to National Grid Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) new suite of dynamic services

4 ways to up business energy efficiency and reduce energy bills

The last two years have been spent navigating an energy crisis that has pushed up prices, put a strain on businesses, and slowed the progress to net zero

Decarbonising industrial heat: The technologies of today and tomorrow

Across an average year, industrial carbon emissions account for around 29% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) output

Navigating change to build greater energy resilience

Jodie Eaton, CEO of Shell Energy UK Ltd, discusses how the changing energy market is inspiring businesses to focus even more closely on managing operational costs, streamlining consumption and accelerating decarbonisation

National Gas CEO wants an affordable energy transition for all

Speaking at the Big Zero Show, Jon Butterworth said that gas will continue to play an important role in the energy transition to ensure affordability

E.ON offers EV funding for fleets

E.ON has entered into an agreement with Horizon Energy Ventures to provide funding solutions for EV charging infrastructure services aimed at fleet customers

‘Number seeking help with energy bills jumps by 112%’

More than 32,400 people required help with energy debts during the first four months of 2023

Government backs clean heat projects with £91m

This includes a geothermal project in Cornwall, set to power 4,000 homes

‘Brits stopped enough peak energy use to power 10m homes’

That’s following the anti-energy blackout scheme ran by National Grid ESO last winter