Government launches £20m hydrogen competition

The money will be given to businesses and innovators looking at easier ways to implement hydrogen into the energy mix

What if how hard you worked out powered your gym?

Tune into this week’s Net Hero Podcast to learn about a gym powered by your workout!

Don’t turn off your Wi-Fi to save energy!

Turning it off can make your connection easier to hack – experts say

Households to receive second cost-of-living payment in November

UK homes will receive £324 to cope with the rise in energy bills and general cost-of-living

Britain has exported more power to EU than ever before

The country became a net exporter of electricity for three months of the year

Canada and UAE first to back maritime sector’s green fuels initiative

The Clean Energy Marine Hubs Initiative aims to advance the production, export and import of low carbon fuels

The wider benefits from Gas Safety Week

The energy industry has united once again for Gas Safety Week

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

From shops to manufacturers and industry, there are opportunities for efficiency and utility cost gains from looking more at water use

Admiral Taverns pledges to serve £1m for energy efficient pubs

The community pub group has identified cellar management systems and fridge managers as two of the most effective measures to help preserve energy

Webinar: 5 of the essential steps for large businesses on the road to decarbonisation

This webinar will be brought to you live on 03/11/2022 at 10:30