University programme cuts SME energy use by 32%

A programme led by The University of Warwick has helped more than 50 SMEs in the West Midlands reduce their energy consumption by 32%

Good Energy unveils hourly renewable energy matching for businesses

The company is offering hourly renewable energy matching to its business customers, enabling them to align their energy use with renewable generation

UK renewables
Britain achieves record renewable power generation

Renewable power generation in the UK reached a record high in the third quarter of 2023, with a total of 26.2 terawatt-hours produced, according to a report

NatWest to help businesses save money and go green

NatWest has partnered with Perse and Absolar to support businesses in reducing energy costs, embracing sustainable practices

‘Brits overestimate energy savings by 51%’

That’s after following social media hacks, new research has found

UK poised to slash business energy bill support by 85%

The new package, due to be revealed later this week, will reportedly cost £5 billion

How will Britons be persuaded to cut energy usage by 15%?

A new public information campaign will reportedly be launched by the government in the coming days

Ofgem’s boss confirms launch of energy-saving campaign

Jonathan Brearley has said, “all of us should be thinking about how to reduce our energy use where possible”

Ofgem will reportedly urge people to cut energy usage

The regulator will allegedly reveal later today a campaign to urge Britons reduce their electricity and gas usage

Energy outlook – what’s happening, why, and what can we do about it?

The month of August bore witness to the highest wholesale energy prices ever seen. Since July, prices have peaked, dipped and now flatlined at an extremely high rate