UK carbon price decline raises concerns

The UK’s declining and volatile carbon prices have raised concerns about their impact on clean energy investment, lost Treasury revenue and potential carbon taxes

We need to target support towards those who need it more, says industry expert

For our 100th Net Hero Podcast episode, we spoke to Energy UK’s Communications Director, Juliette Sanders who said engagement with the public is key to net zero

We need to ensure energy doesn’t fall off the political agenda, says expert

We spoke to several delegates at the Energy UK conference who told us that the industry is changing quickly

Net Hero Podcast – 100th episode special with the Queen of Energy!

So 100 episodes in, I thought time to catch up with a real net hero, Juliette Sanders who has been living the sustainability dream all her career!

“Net zero is not an obligation to be managed but an opportunity to be seized”

Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero, Ed Miliband said that tackling climate change will improve cost of living crisis at Energy UK conference

Industry reacts to UK’s new net zero plan

The UK government’s revised net zero plan has elicited mixed reactions from various organisations

“UK’s onshore wind policy changes do not go far enough”

Energy industry leaders express dissatisfaction with the recent onshore wind policy changes, asserting that they do not address the fundamental issues

‘UK must boost investment by two thirds for net zero by 2050’

Delaying action on net zero policies until the 2030s would result in reduced private sector investment, according to a new report

‘UK power sector could smash net zero target one year ahead’

Net zero is achievable before 2050, but uncertainties demand immediate action, the ESO has said today

‘Give Ofgem the power to enact net zero’

That’s the view from a joint letter to the government, calling for the energy regulator to have new “statutory responsibilities”