BASF Texas site to be 100% powered by renewables with new PPA

Under the 12-year PPA with X-ELIO, the chemicals company’s site in Freeport, Texas, will be supplied with 48MW of solar power

New York awards $16.6m for long duration energy storage projects

The projects will support the state’s goal of installing 3,000MW of energy storage capacity by 2030

Energy storage will deliver ‘tens of billions of pounds a year’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast delves into how energy storage is being underappreciated as a key to cutting costs on our energy bills

Net Hero Podcast – Storage, the path to lower prices?

Can frozen air energy storage help us in the future avoid market spikes?

Australian start-up MGA Thermal granted $1.27m for innovative energy storage tech

It will build a pilot unit able to demonstrate the generation of steam from stored thermal energy

Australia’s Monash Uni granted $495k to explore energy storage market design

Researchers will conduct a study exploring the integration of storage in energy markets, with the aim of designing efficient incentives for energy storage investors and operators

Ireland sees ‘largest ever’ energy dispatch from battery storage

Statkraft participated in the power dispatch, with its energy storage projects providing more than 60MWh of energy across two hours on 14th July 2022

New collaboration announced for innovative hydrogen storage solution

GKH Hydrogen has developed HY2MEGA, which can enable long duration clean energy storage without the need for compression and at scale, the combined technology could provide resilient power in case of outages

US launches $500m initiative to transform mines into clean energy hubs

The Department of Energy believes mine land offers an important opportunity to spur economic development and create jobs in clean energy industries

Quinbrook to develop giant battery storage facility at former Welsh coal site

The site of the former Uskmouth coal-fired power station is to be transformed into a sustainable energy park