UK urged to increase offshore wind capacity

Energy UK has urged the government to boost offshore wind capacity in upcoming auctions to meet 2030 targets

Europe’s gas consumption plummets

European gas demand has dropped 20% since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a report

UK halves emissions

Official data shows that the UK has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% between 1990 and 2022

TotalEnergies bags gas assets in Malaysia

TotalEnergies has inked a deal to acquire OMV’s 50% stake in SapuraOMV, a major Malaysian independent gas producer, for $903 million

Drax secures biomass shipping deal

Peel Ports Logistics has secured a deal with Drax to become the shipping agency service provider for biomass vessels arriving in Liverpool

Global low carbon energy investment hits record $1.8tn

Global investment in low carbon energy soared by 17% to a record-breaking $1.8 trillion in 2023, with electrified transport outpacing renewable energy as the primary driver, according to a report

CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

The Climate Change Committee highlights that mixed messages, including new fossil fuel developments and adjustments to net zero policies, have damaged the UK’s global climate reputation

IEA: Clean energy sources to power global electricity demand in three years

The International Energy Agency predicts that clean and low emission power sources, including renewables and nuclear power, are poised to meet the world’s growing demand for electricity over the next three years

Storm Isha powers more than half of Britain

Storm Isha, while generating 54% of UK electricity at 12:30 pm on Monday, simultaneously led to widespread power cuts, impacting thousands of households in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cumbria

“UK EVs outshine North Sea oil for energy security”

Electric cars in the UK are set to enhance energy security more effectively than new North Sea oil licences, reducing dependence on petrol imports, according to a report