UK Coal Authority turns to solar energy for mine water treatment

Projections have estimated the project can reduce energy use significantly and drive down electricity costs by around £25,000 a year

O2 rolls out smart cooling technology at data centres to save energy

The project is estimated to deliver energy savings equivalent to one million kilograms of CO2 year on year

Energy management consultancy introduces AI agent for business carbon savings

Amber energy has launched a new bot to help businesses repopen sustainably

Music industry’s carbon footprint to fall as pandemic sees summer festivals cancelled

Download Festival’s acts could generate 162,951.40 kilograms of carbon dioxide from travel alone if it went ahead this year, according to a new study

Australian Institute of Marine Science to slash emissions with AUD$2.2m solar system

The project will generate an estimated 1,000kW of electricity each hour, reducing the institute’s carbon footprint by around 15%

Bristol Council greenlights battery storage project at City Hall

Bristol Energy estimates the project’s combined income and savings will be around £33,000 a year

Energy efficiency helped Ireland’s largest energy users save €12.4m

A total of 190 companies collectively avoided 327GWh of energy consumption in 2018

EU adopts new rules to make household products more sustainable

Under the new rules, manufacturers must ensure their products are repairable and recyclable, in addition to improving their energy efficiency

TESS 2019: From the couch to £5m energy savings

David Higgins from Ignite Energy will be discussing the topic at The Energy Solutions Show

Up to £2.5bn a year potential energy savings for small businesses

The government has launched a call for evidence on various proposals for a new Business Energy Efficiency Scheme