Call for overhaul of EPCs

The Building Research Establishment calls for significant reforms to EPCs, advocating a five-year validity, updated headline ratings, enhanced data use for retrofit planning and improved accessibility

Camden launches scheme to help local businesses save energy

Camden council will be offering free support to nearly 125 local businesses for reducing energy consumption, cutting costs and lowering carbon emissions

Government urged for stamp duty rebate on green home upgrades

MPs and think tanks advocate for a ‘rebate to renovate’ tax refund scheme

New scheme offers free home energy upgrades

Leeds has introduced free or discounted energy saving upgrades for homeowners, renters and landlords

Energy suppliers fined £10.8m for missing smart meter targets

Energy suppliers, including British Gas, OVO, Bulb, E.ON, ScottishPower and SSE, will pay a combined penalty of £10.8 million for failing to meet smart meter installation targets in 2022

Smart meters
Ofgem approves ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service for this winter

The service, which encourages flexible electricity usage by consumers, aims to help manage the energy system during periods of high demand

Smart meters
‘UK smart meter rollout stumbles as public remains unconvinced’

A new report by the Public Accounts Committee warns that smart meters may disproportionately benefit wealthier consumers

Smart energy scheme to support vulnerable customers

The government has launched the “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme” with £2.75 million in funding to support low income consumers in the transition to a flexible energy system

UK’s road to net zero depends on collaboration, say auditors

A UK audit report stresses the vital role of collaboration between the UK and devolved governments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

UK launches £1bn insulation scheme

More than 300,000 homes in England, Scotland and Wales are expected to benefit from the Great British Insulation Scheme, potentially saving families up to £400 per year on energy bills