‘None of the G20 are cutting carbon quick enough’

Most countries actually saw increases in emissions

Chancellor looking at ‘blanket energy bill discount’ for businesses

Business energy bills could reportedly be lowered through a fixed discount on current contracts

Electric school buses offer class support to grid

Batteries of electric school buses can provide a powerful resource for any grid, says Duncan McIntyre, Chief Executive of Highland Electric Fleets

Europe proposes windfall tax on energy companies

Ursula von der Leyen has said profits must be shared in these times

Government’s energy plan predicted to drive cost of EV charging down

Analysts say that it will cost an average of £22.22 to fully charge an EV with a 64kWh battery

Energy crisis could kill EV revolution before it’s started

As charging your car goes up, will it be worth making the switch from petrol?

‘UK energy bill crisis will get worse without insulation measures’

Energy measures announced last week are forecast to do little to tackle the crisis in the medium and long term, according to a new report

‘Insulating homes this winter could be cost neutral’

Research claims the Treasury could break even if it invests in insulating rooves and walls this winter

We must still ‘source and use energy in a different way’

Laser Energy responds to the Prime Minister’s announcement of a freeze on energy bills this winter

Households still set to face ‘higher energy bills’ than COVID-19

That’s the EIC’s response to the PM’s intervention, although the measures are welcomed