2022 End of year review and what’s to come in 2023

Welcome to the first blog of 2023 where we’ll be taking a look back at events affecting the energy market in 2022, looking ahead into 2023 and what’s coming up

Investment into green energy is crucial in protecting consumers in the energy/cost-of-living crisis

David Hall, from Schneider Electric highlights the urgent need to invest in a green energy infrastructure to regulate costs for consumers and protect them from any disruption in services

Bristol selects City Leap partners to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2030

Renewable energy asset company Ameresco Limited has been chosen as Bristol’s strategic partner, which will work in collaboration with Vattenfall Heat UK, which specialises in low and zero carbon heat networks

‘Net zero by 2050? Not even close, with current energy infrastructure delivery’

Solar projects covering an area equivalent of 260 Tokyo Olympic stadiums would need to be built in the US every week from now until 2050 to help the country reach net zero, according to a new report