National Grid launches second phase of heat pump trial

The project involves more than 1,000 customers in a trial showcasing the potential of heat pump flexibility to cut energy bills and alleviate peak electricity demand

Office with lights left on
Ofgem’s new guidance on fair treatment for business customers

The energy regulator has issued guidance to non-domestic energy suppliers to ensure fair treatment for businesses, focusing on deemed rate contracts

OVO vows to slash carbon offsetting and achieve net zero by 2035

The energy supplier has committed to limit its reliance on carbon offsetting to just 10% of its emissions

Europe’s renewable PPA prices rise 2%

In the third quarter, Europe saw a modest 2% increase in renewable PPA prices, with some markets experiencing price hikes due to complex energy dynamics, according to a report

Labour conference sparks energy nationalisation debate

Labour’s leadership faced a fierce showdown at their conference over the party’s stance on nationalising vital infrastructure, as delegates voted in favour of a motion pushed by Unite

UK renewables
Britain achieves record renewable power generation

Renewable power generation in the UK reached a record high in the third quarter of 2023, with a total of 26.2 terawatt-hours produced, according to a report

Has industry welcomed UK plan to cap renewable energy profits?

The temporary cap is part of the new Energy Prices Bill

Two business models ‘are to blame for energy firm collapses’

Ofgem-appointed consultants have published findings of a review on the root causes of recent supplier failures

Could solar panels and smart meters hold the key to rising energy bills?

British online searches for solar panels and smart meters have increased exponentially, according to eBay

Ofgem unveils measures to protect customers against rising energy prices

One of them urges suppliers to make all their tariffs available to new and existing customers