Smart energy scheme to support vulnerable customers

The government has launched the “Inclusive Smart Solutions Programme” with £2.75 million in funding to support low income consumers in the transition to a flexible energy system

District energy is crucial for the environment, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to the CEO of International District Energy Association, Rob Thornton, about why district energy is necessary for our cities

Energy crisis puts business net zero goals at risk

Nearly 80% of energy firms have expressed concerns that the crisis will impede their emission reduction strategies, according to a new report

Brewers embrace sustainability, says expert

We spoke to beer expert Roland Pahl-Dobrick in this weeks Net Hero Podcast who told us current methods of beer filtration are unsustainable

EU surpasses 90% gas storage target ahead of winter

The recently revealed data indicates that European gas storage levels have reached 90.12% of capacity, corresponding to more than 93 billion cubic metres of natural gas

Electric van sets Guinness World Record

Electric van sets record for greatest distance travelled on a single charge

Grid infrastructure
‘Strong public support’ for new grid development

A new survey reveals nearly two-thirds of people (64%) polled favour plans that will enable decarbonisation of the UK economy

New report slashes renewable infrastructure delivery time

Latest government review looks at accelerating deployment of electricity transmission infrastructure

Rishi Sunak: “North Sea oil and gas better for the environment”

The Prime Minister has defended the government’s decision to grant North Sea oil and gas exploration licences

Renewable heat tech hits Spain’s sunny shores

Renewable heat innovator Naked Energy has partnered with Spanish company to distribute technology to Costa de Sol