Egyptian solar and wind to boost Britain’s energy supply

Britain plans to import electricity generated by solar and wind farms in Egypt through subsea cables connecting the country with Europe

Could a ‘hydrogen bank’ fuel Scotland’s green dreams?

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are developing technology to store electricity from renewables as green hydrogen in depleted oil and gas reservoirs

How the grid and your organisation can cope with the surge in EVs

Decarbonising transport will require a huge rise in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the way. But will the grid be able to cope with charging all those EVs – and is there anything you can do as an organisation to prepare?

EU fossil generation hits rock bottom

EU’s fossil fuel power has plummeted to a historic low due to waning electricity demand, according to new research

Scotland needs more pylons for clean energy, says trade body

Outdated infrastructure is hindering renewable projects, according to a new report by Scottish Renewables

‘Nearly 15% of UK company vehicles are electric’

The county showing the least preparedness for the EV transition is Powys, where only 3.01% of all licensed company vehicles are electric, according to a report

The end of the Triads: How TNUoS charges are changing

National Grid ESO recently published the final Triad dates for winter 2022/23. We explore what these latest Triads showed us about peak electricity demand and examine the new scheme that’s replacing them

UK generates 52% zero carbon electricity in July

Last month, wind generation increased to 29%, according to National Grid ESO

UK renewables
UK’s £100bn clean energy investment boosts energy security

Energy firms have outlined massive investment projects at Downing Street roundtable, promising jobs, lower bills and progress towards net zero

Octopus makes a splash: $20bn offshore wind investment by 2030

Octopus Energy’s generation arm has unveiled today the major offshore wind investment plan to power over ten million homes worldwide