Octopus teams up with AeroVolt for electric plane charging

Octopus Energy and AeroVolt have collaborated to simplify electric plane charging, allowing pilots to charge their aircraft with ease using Octopus Electroverse platform at AeroVolt’s charging points across the UK

Ministry of Defence trials hydrogen charging for EVs

The Ministry of Defence is testing hydrogen-fuelled charging facilities for its electric vehicles at RAF Leeming, Merville Barracks and HMNB Devonport

UK boosts black cab drivers with £6,000 to go electric

The Plug-in Taxi Grant will be extended until April 2025

UK scientists harness microwave energy to extend EV range

University of Birmingham scientists have developed an energy storage system for electric vehicles, promising up to 70% extended driving range

UK public EV charging costs up by 11%

Latest figures reveal an 11% rise in electric car charging costs across the UK’s public network, with ultra-rapid charging options increasingly preferred despite their higher prices

Vauxhall and Tesco team up for free EV charging

Vauxhall has partnered with Tesco to provide one year’s free EV charging credit for new customers

MPs raise concerns over gigafactory support

The Business and Trade Committee has emphasised that the government’s support for gigafactories fails to meet key tests

UK electric cars ‘perform well in cold weather’

The AA denies allegations of electric car struggles in the UK’s cold, citing minimal battery-related callouts in January

UK considers heat pump and EV charger rule changes

The UK Government is consulting on proposals to relax regulations surrounding the installation of heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers in England

Electric vehicles: Solution to UK road noise?

Nearly 27% of Brits believe that EVs could mitigate the impact of noise pollution