SSE Energy Solutions launches EV charging network in Glasgow

Ultra-rapid charging with renewable electricity accelerates convenient, sustainable electric vehicle charging hubs across the UK and Ireland

Hydrogen fuel station banks government cash

Liquid hydrogen, gaseous hydrogen and electric charging will all be available at the station

Celebs launch GM’s electric Hummer

Big Sean heads up the company’s campaign to give its super truck a green makeover

Helping Colleagues Transition to EV

We’ve taken our electric vehicle infrastructure experience and put our money where our mouth is by delivering it for our own colleagues and visitors, installing 42 EV parking bays across our offices in Reading and Perth

EV charging almost the same price as petrol

Public rapid chargers are fast approaching the price of the pumps, research claims

Leading the Charge on Electric Vehicles

SSE is switching to electric vehicles, installing charging points and running on SSE Green Electricity at its Hampshire site

‘Billions needed for EV batteries’

This is the only way to keep the UK a key player in the automotive industry, a think tank claims

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There’s a way for companies and employees to both clean up their carbon footprint

5 ways to maximise your EV battery’s lifespan

As drivers switch from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles (EVs), we’re seeing steady progress on the decarbonisation of the automotive sector

The road to smart homes starts with smart EV charging

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