Volvo’s EVs and hybrids make up 40% of all sales

Three times more EVs were sold last month than the same time last year, the company revealed

EV drivers warned range could suffer in cold snap

The cold weather could see your range drop by up to 41%, a study has shown

Energy crisis sees EVs overtake petrol for cost

Public charging has surged above the cost of filling up a petrol car, analysis has found

‘EV drivers could save almost £250 on charging this year’

That’s as public charging starts to offer nightly rates, research has found

‘Public charging would make EVs more appealing to Brits’

Reliance on a single public charging service would see the number of EVs jump on UK roads

‘Searches for EVs rose by 113% in 2022’

This is compared with engagement from 2021

The West agrees green EV mineral deal

The agreement is to only purchase minerals from nations that meet certain environmental standards

Northern Ireland sees number of EV chargers decrease

This is while the rest of the UK has witnessed growth, data shows

Prices of EVs could rise by 10% in 2024

That’s the warning from carmakers, after EU rules on manufacturing are set to change in two years

Lidl opens cut-price EV charging station

It claims its chargers are offering EV drivers with facilities at almost half the price