Lidl opens cut-price EV charging station

It claims its chargers are offering EV drivers with facilities at almost half the price

Two people left dead after ‘uncontrollable’ Tesla speeds through Chinese streets

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Thinking about going electric? We don’t blame you. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of driving and key to a zero-carbon future.

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Equans delivers one of the largest electric vehicle charging car park installations in the UK at NatWest office

Equans has delivered one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging car park installations in the UK, at NatWest office in Gogarburn Edinburgh, consisting of 264 sockets in total

Tesla supercharger stations grow 34% in one year

The number of connectors has also grown to more than 33,600

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Aussie EV start-up bags $21m funding from Suzuki

Suzuki has purchased a stake in the company, which focuses on self-driving software

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