‘EV-ready homes worth more money’

Properties that have EV chargers installed could add have more value in the market, a report reveals

France opens first EV battery plant

The plant is projected to make 800k batteries each year and marks a European response to China’s huge stake in the market

‘EVs depreciating twice as quick as petrol cars’

EVs bought in 2020 will have lost more than half their value this year, compared with just 37% for petrol cars – a study claims

‘EVs are not ready to replace all cars in Australia,’ says Toyota boss

“What EV do we have right now on sale in Australia that can tow 2.5 tonnes for 600km? We don’t. It doesn’t exist,” the sales boss has said

‘More than 1m EVs registered in Europe this year’

The highest number of registrations came in March, with close to 500,000 hitting the roads

The road to 300,000 EV chargepoints – how will we get there?

How are we going to achieve the UK’s ambitious target for electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints?

UK sticks to 2030 petrol car ban and ZEV Mandate

On top of this, more than £380m has been earmarked to increase the number of EVs on British roads

Welsh EV rollout slammed

The delivery of its charging network plans have been labelled “unacceptable and embarrassing”

Taking an EV to the South Pole?

A couple are setting off on a 17,000-mile expedition this week, almost entirely powered by renewable electricity

Man fined for stealing power for his EV from the council

Electricity from the local council’s power box was used by the thief to get his car back on the road