Blue lights turned green with £77m

Emergency services will receive the funding from government to quash the sector’s carbon footprint

Royal Mail delivers with 3,000 electric vans and orders 2,000 more

The switch to EVs supports the postal service company’s ambition to deliver net zero emissions by 2040

Amazon starts delivering packages in custom Rivian electric vans

The first of 100,000 EVs by 2030 have hit the roads in the US

DHL Express plugs in 270 new electric vans in the UK

The zero-emission vans will enter operation between May and September, servicing more than 30 locations, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Government extends grants for businesses to plug-in electric vans and trucks

The two-year extension to 2024/25 is expected to support the purchase of ‘tens of thousands’ of greener vans and trucks and help make the UK less reliant on imports of foreign oil

Iron Mountain commits to transitioning cars to 100% EVs by 2030

Its shorter term goal includes converting 10% of its worldwide fleet to EVs over the next three years

Vauxhall the ‘UK’s best-selling’ electric LCV manufacturer

It has sold 1,560 e-LCVs this year and is adding hydrogen vans to its range from 2022

Octopus Energy adds Peugeot electric vans to fleet

The energy provider has added 23 electric vans to its fleet for the use of the engineering team

Royal Mail to charge up its fleet with 3,000 more EVs

The plan is part of the company’s ongoing drive to reduce its operational emissions