‘World’s first’ electric air race develops two new race classes

These two classes include an aeroplane and a VTOL, also known as ‘flying cars’

‘World’s largest all-electric plane’ flies for the first time

By retrofitting an existing plane, magniX’s goal is to show that commercial electric flight is already possible

NASA flies high with first all-electric aircraft

It says the electric plane offers a 500% improvement in efficiency over the baseline aircraft

Harbour Air seaplane
Take off for first commercial electric plane test

Harbour Air and magniX partnership creates the ePlane, a six-passenger DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver retrofitted with a 560kW ‘magni500’ propulsion system

easyJet plans electric plane take-off by 2027

  Budget airline easyJet could be flying planes powered by batteries within a decade. It has announced a collaboration with US firm Wright Electric, which is developing an all-electric plane for short haul flights. easyJet claims the aircraft would save fuel and CO2 emissions by 15% as well as reduce the noise footprint by 50% […]

New plane breaks records for electric aviation

An electric plane has towed a glider into the sky for the first time. Siemens’ Extra 330LE aerobatic aircraft features a new type of electric motor, weighing just 50 kilograms and delivering a continuous output of about 260KW. This is roughly five times more than comparable electric drive systems. The nearly silent aerotow took a type LS8-neo glider up […]

Siemens and Airbus to develop electric planes

European plane maker Airbus has joined forces with German technology firm Siemens to work on electric aircraft technology. They aim to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various hybrid and electric propulsion systems by the end of the decade, which are expected to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise. The two companies plan to jointly develop […]