Is 007 going electric all thanks to David Beckham?

A new electric Aston Martin DB6 could hit the roads by 2023 – but it will set you back £1m

Kids scream for EVs!

A new study reveals that half of British kids want their future car to be electric, with 78% believing we should do more to protect the environment

EVs to increase by 3000% in the Midlands by 2030

To account for this, the rate of installations of public chargers will have to be six times more

In what climate does an electric vehicle thrive?

Do EVs like hot summers or cold winters – in what cities do they have the longest range?

Volkswagen EV sales more than double in first half of 2021

The European market accounted for 74.9% of these sales, followed by China and the US contributing 21.5%

EV maker Polestar using blockchain tech to track carbon

Polestar plans to use carbon footprint data to help cut emissions in its production process and supply chain

‘EVs now cheaper to insure than petrol or diesel cars’

Drivers could save up to £133 if they switch to the cheapest EV premium from the average premium for an internal combustion vehicle

‘The idea EVs could increase emissions is essentially a myth’

A new study suggests electric cars are ‘considerably’ healthier for the earth’s climate, despite some suggestions that they generate more emissions during production and electricity generation

New law requires EVs to emit noise for safety

The EU law follows concerns electric cars and vans are too quiet and pose a risk to pedestrians who may not hear the vehicles coming before they step into the road

Hampshire IT firm boots up EV fleet

A Hampshire IT firm has bought six electric vehicles (EVs) for its engineers to get around in. Taylor Made’s new BMWi3s mark the start of a move towards electrifying the business’ entire 50-strong fleet. Ahead of the government’s plans to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, the company also […]