‘Climate change to cost Germany €900bn’

That’s in a worst-case scenario, government research has found

‘UK must act now to become world’s net zero financial hub’

That’s according to a report of advisors to the government, outlining how a green taxonomy should be implemented

‘Net zero could mean more taxes’

That’s the opinion of a leading economist, who claims that the 2050 target will only be possible with more public investment

Chancellor to announce U-Turn on mini-budget

After replacing Kwasi Kwarteng, Jeremy Hunt is looking to bring “fiscal sustainability” to the UK economy

‘Impacts of global warming will cost trillions more than the measures needed for net zero’

Economists from around the world reveal damages of climate inaction will reach roughly $30tn per year by 2075 if current warming trends continue

‘Three times as much investment in renewables than in fossil fuels over last decade’

That is according to a report by Imperial Business School and the IEA, which suggests a better risk/return profile for clean energy over fossil fuels