US invests $70m to improve supercomputer for better climate prediction

The model is constantly being improved to provide the best simulation and prediction possible to scientists, with the data helping boost their understanding of climate change

Climate change a stronger driver of methane than expected

Methane is causing global warming more than scientists previously estimated, new research claims

Ancient global warming linked to continental stretching

Scientists believe that Earth’s largest warming event was caused by a shift in tectonic plates

Global warming shook Earth 300m years ago

‘It was one of the fastest warming events in Earth’s history’, the researchers claim

Saints gunning for sustainable matchday

Southampton’s Premier League fixture against Arsenal has been called the ‘Greener Game’, urging more fans to think about the planet

Planet Labs PBC achieves carbon-neutral status

The certification covers the Earth imaging company’s entire supply chain for 2020

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Dragonflies thriving from climate change?

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Gaia says no! Episode 1 – We’re all bas***ds!

We will explore the effect of humans on the planet and if we can make things better, while keeping the economic wins we have all become accustomed to