Forest fire
What will El Niño mean for 2024?

There will be a new “chance of breaking temperature records,” the WMO says

Deadly African drought ‘not possible’ without climate change

Scientists state that rising greenhouse gas emissions made this crippling drought 100 times more likely

WMO: ‘Impacts of climate change only growing’

The last eight years have been the eight warmest on record, with a new record hit for sea level rises

‘Curbing global warming can stop 80% of heat-related deaths’

If emissions don’t decrease, the number of deaths in the Middle East and North Africa could rise to 123 people per 100,000, a study claims

NASA satellites show before and after on climate change

Images have been released detailing the impact global warming has had on certain areas over the last 30-40 years

Spanish wildfires grow with climate change

Spain was responsible for 35% of all burned land from wildfires across Europe in 2022

UN: ‘Stop overusing water or we could run out’

The world’s water supply is being drained by overconsumption, a new report has found

‘Driest February in 30 years’

England is in desperate need of heavy rainfall for farming and drinking water supplies, a report suggests

Germany launches water strategy to combat drought

This is its first ever national water strategy

La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested