UN: ‘Climate finance critical to stopping conflict in Sahel’

Floods, droughts and heatwaves are leading to violence and Africans losing their homes, the report stresses

Climate change giving youngsters second thoughts on having kids

Africa is the most worried continent, after experiencing climate shocks themselves – a UNICEF report has found

Scientists have no doubt climate change caused droughts

Climate change increased the probability by 20%, research claims

Kenyans call on richer countries to pay for climate change

People have taken to the streets of Nairobi, calling for the world’s developed countries to pay for climate change and its impacts

Multiple famines could be coming, UN warns

“Time is not on our side,” the Humanitarian Affairs Chief said

Africa is losing 15% in GDP growth from climate change

It is also suffering from a $1.3tn climate finance gap, a report claims

UN: ‘We can stop floods and wildfires from becoming disasters’

Early prevention is key, researchers stress

Chinese drought from climate change hits economy

Record drought has seen the country’s productivity put on hold for more than two weeks

UK provides £38m to fight food and water scarcity in West Africa

This is due to climate change and ongoing conflicts

New reservoirs on the cards to fight UK drought

Anglian Water is looking to build them in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire