Royal Mail starts trial of drone deliveries to explore ways to slash emissions

Drones are initially to be used to deliver PPE, Covid testing kits and mail to the Isles of Scilly

Autonomous drones ‘offer wind sector cost, environmental and safety benefits’

The ORCA Hub says its drones can not only survey infrastructure but also physically interact with energy assets

Middle East tensions remain high after drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities

The attacks early on Saturday morning knocked 5% off the world’s total oil supply

Heathrow drone activists due to meet with authorities to discuss plans

Four members of Heathrow Pause, an Extinction Rebellion splinter group, plan to fly toy drones at the airport in September to protest the planned expansion of runways at the site

Could a flying solar-powered phone tower become a reality?

Alta Devices says its solar devices could allow high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles the ability to stay in the air for much longer than currently possible

Hydrogen drone stays in the air for nearly 11 hours

South Korean firm MetaVista Inc and UK-based firm Intelligent Energy worked together to develop the technologies used

Could hydrogen-powered drones soon hit the skies?

South Korean technology firm Doosan says its hydrogen fuel cell means drones will be able to stay in the air for up to two hours

‘Flying drones and AI could replace weak link in maintenance – humans’

A new report suggests these technologies could dramatically speed up inspection of turbine blades and power transmission equipment

Facebook unveils solar drone for internet access

Facebook has unveiled its full-scale solar-powered drone which is expected to help provide internet access in remote parts of the world. The company expects the plane – dubbed Aquila – to fly non-stop for three months at a time. The aircraft has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 but weighs less than a car due […]