Swiss Re and Climeworks ink $10m carbon capture and storage deal

Climeworks’ carbon removal solution filters carbon dioxide from ambient air using geothermal energy, with the captured CO2 sent for permanent storage in nearby rock layers

OLCV announces ‘world’s first shipment of carbon-neutral oil’

The Occidental subsidiary says the transaction is a step in the right direction to achieving ‘net zero oil’

Leading tech cluster to accelerate ‘negative emissions’ through direct air capture research project

The project will explore the potential benefits of direct air capture technology on decarbonising entire value chains

Swedish startup to offset CO2 emissions using direct air capture technology

A new plant will extract up to 65 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, representing the estimated carbon footprint the company had during 2019 

Carbon dioxide-sucking machines could cut climate costs… but there’s a catch

Scientists say the use of direct air capture could need as much as a quarter of global energy supplies in 2100