National Careers Week: Looking at success through the magnifying glass

By Energise CEO Tamsin Alsbury for National Careers Week 2021

More ‘eyes’ on the network to stop power cuts before they happen

Britain’s biggest electricity distributor is testing Distribution Fault Anticipation technology as a way to spot network faults, before they interrupt people’s supplies

Gemserv acquires Ecuity to create combined group geared up to tackle climate change

To find out more about the move, future Net Zero Editor Jonny Bairstow spoke to Alex Goody, CEO of Gemserv, and James Higgins, Partner and co-Founder of Ecuity

Schneider Electric partners with Immersive Labs to launch virtual Cyber Academy

Through the academy, Schneider Electric aims to enable businesses to be more secure by training employees at all levels and monitoring workplace capabilities

Schneider Electric’s Project with E.ON Wins enerTIC Award for Green and Digital Smart Grid Technology

Its project for E.ON, which sought to achieve a more sustainable energy distribution network without greenhouse gases, has been awarded in the “Smart Grid” category

UK Power Networks named world leader in Smart Grids

Singapore-based SP Group, which produces the annual Smart Grid Index, placed UK Power Networks top of its study of 85 utilities across 37 countries

Impact of Covid-19 on the EV market

Carl Bayliss, vice president and mobility & home energy management at Centrica explores how the EV market has been affected by the pandemic.

Schneider Electric brings sustainable energy management choices directly to homeowners

Schneider Electric is releasing the next generation residential electrical panel for the European market, the Wiser Energy Center, at the all-virtual CES 2021 event today.

Green shoots: 3 predictions for a post-pandemic world

By Jai Thampi, SVP Strategy & Innovation, Schneider Electric

‘Energy sector’s financial models must change to avoid perverse incentives on road to net zero’

That’s the suggestion from Simon Alsbury, Managing Director of Energise, who spoke to future Net Zero about how the sector can encourage a faster shift to net zero behaviours