UK to award North Sea oil and gas licences annually

The UK Government plans to award licences for North Sea oil and gas projects annually, with a focus on meeting net zero targets, while Greenpeace opposes these licences as “backward-facing”

UK homes heated by data centre waste heat

The government has allocated nearly £65 million for innovative projects, including using waste heat from data centres to heat homes, aiming to create low cost and sustainable heating solutions

UK green gas support scheme application deadline extended

The Green Gas Support Scheme application window has been extended to 2028, offering anaerobic digestion plant operators an extra two years to meet eligibility criteria for government funding

“We need to bring consumers with us on the net zero journey”

Claire Coutinho said that we need to be pragmatic in our approach to the energy transition in her speech at the Energy UK conference

Energy Secretary: North Sea decline jeopardises UK’s energy independence

Claire Coutinho has warned that if the UK doesn’t start new drilling projects, declining North Sea oil production could make the country rely on foreign energy sources

Brits face £6,000 annual bill to reach net zero by 2050

The pursuit of net zero emissions by 2050 in the UK could come at a staggering cost, with a report estimating the price tag at over £4.5 trillion

UK ditches home energy efficiency taskforce just six months in

A taskforce dedicated to accelerating home insulation and boiler upgrades, which was established in March and included prominent experts, has been disbanded

UK Energy Secretary: No ‘punishing’ energy bills

Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho has assured families that the government won’t burden them with increased costs to meet green objectives

UK invests £45.7m to lower business energy costs

Tweed Valley Maltings in Northumberland has secured government funding to establish a low carbon energy centre

UK offshore wind misses contracts

The UK offshore wind industry faces disappointment as no new contracts are awarded in the latest round of Contracts for Difference