Unilever to put its climate transition plans before a shareholder vote

The company plans to give its shareholders a chance to vote on its green policy every three years in a bid to offer more transparency on its progress

Mars reaches milestone of operating with ‘deforestation-free’ palm oil supply chain

The confectionery and food giant plans to cut the number of palm sourcing mills from 1,500 to fewer than 100 by 2021

‘Only six crop species yield 80% of global industrial biofuel and that costs to people and planet’

That’s according to the Senior Research Leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Dr Olwen Grace who spoke to FNZ about the world’s methods of producing ‘green energy’

Government launches consultation regarding fines for businesses that contribute to deforestation

The government says currently, many of the products bought in the UK use ingredients that have been produced in countries where there is a high risk of deforestation

Government to introduce new law to protect rainforests and clean up supply chains

Larger companies will face fines if they are not able to demonstrate their supply chains are free from illegal deforestation

Indigenous people ‘at risk’ as deforestation surges in Amazon

Advocacy group Instituto Socioambiental says  more than 24,000 hectares of forest were cleared illegally within indigenous lands in just eight months

Don’t invest in Brazilian meat, urge environmental groups

An open letter from 38 international organisations warns investors to think twice before buying shares in two Brazilian meat producers because of the risk of deforestation

Pope Francis calls for “scarred face of the Amazon region” to be protected

He told Bishops from across the region that they must focus on saving the rainforest and providing better services to its indigenous people

Amazon deforestation ‘could be slowed by planting bean trees’

The University of Exeter claims the trees would also have the benefit of helping smallholders make a living

Costa Rica receives UN’s highest environmental honour

The Central American country has won the UN Environment Programme’s 2019 Champions of the Earth award