Facebook pledges to become ‘water positive’ by 2030

Its investments in water restoration projects are expected to replenish more than 850m gallons of water per year

Digital infrastructure firm Equinix targets climate-neutrality by 2030

It is seeking to use 100% renewable energy during that period and drive energy efficiency savings as well as take advantage of carbon offsets

Scala Data Centres achieves carbon-neutrality in Brazil

The Latin American data centre company already operates with 100% renewable energy

New partnership to develop carbon-free energy storage tech for data centres

Lummus Technology and Energy Internet Corporation aim to provide long duration energy storage, using power from renewable energy sources

‘As data centre demand soars, so must the sustainability credentials of the sector’

That’s what Marc Garner, Vice President ITD UK&I at Schneider Electric, told future Net Zero Editor Jonny Bairstow when they spoke about the environmental impacts associated with rapid data centre growth

O2 rolls out smart cooling technology at data centres to save energy

The project is estimated to deliver energy savings equivalent to one million kilograms of CO2 year on year

Total and Microsoft Partner to drive digital innovation and net zero goals

The firms will collaborate as strategic partners to further digital transformation and support progress toward net-zero emissions

Vattenfall to supply Microsoft with renewable energy 24/7 for Swedish data centres

It follows a pilot of the 24/7 solution last year, which will be used in three new Microsoft data centres to measure renewable energy consumption per hour

Vattenfall joins Alliance seeking to move digital sector towards net zero

It has signed up to the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, a non-profit that aligns energy suppliers, governments and industry to help decarbonise the global digital economy

Google data centres to ‘work harder when sun is shining and wind is blowing’

A new carbon-intelligent platform will shift the timing of non-urgent computing tasks to when more solar and wind power are available