Project Bison to remove and store five million tons of CO2 annually

The project will deploy CarbonCapture’s direct air capture system with Frontier Carbon Solutions’ CO2 transportation and storage infrastructure in Wyoming

UBS banks on carbon removal deal with Climeworks to support net zero transition

The financial services company has partnered with the Swiss direct air capture specialist to help offset its unavoidable carbon emissions

‘Mammoth’ new facility to suck 36,000 tons of carbon annually from the air in Iceland

Climeworks’ new direct air capture plant will have a nominal carbon dioxide capture capacity of 36,000 tons per year when fully operational, with the aim of removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year by 2050

Swarovski partners with Climeworks to tackle carbon emissions

The luxury jewellery firm is backing the company’s commercial direct air capture project, claimed to be the world’ first project of its kind, in Iceland

Sustaera raises $10m to develop low-cost direct air capture technology

It will use the funding to accelerate its research and development programme and build its first pilot plant