‘Half the public now make low carbon choices’

Climate change is a key driver in these decisions, with 76% of Brits believing that human action plays a role in extreme weather

Government urging walking and cycling with £200m

Improved crossings and routes across the UK will be introduced to reduce the emissions of local areas

Government providing £32.9m to boost walking and cycling

This will cut emissions, provide fuel savings and improve the health of the public, it has stated

Austrian ski slopes threatened by climate change

Tourism accounted for 7.6% of the country’s total GDP in 2019

What if how hard you worked out powered your gym?

Tune into this week’s Net Hero Podcast to learn about a gym powered by your workout!

Walking and cycling get £12.7m wheel-up

Regions across the UK will benefit from new infrastructure and schemes to cut air pollution

Council aiming for ‘Mini-Holland’ cycling system

It has received £3m in government funding to boost cycling and walking

Bristol secures £500k to become zero-emission transport city

The funding will be used for a number of projects, including the installation of charging points at council-run car parks and popular destinations

‘Greenfield homes are focused on cars’

Cars are too front-of-mind when building new homes, suggests a new report

Stevenage launches new cycling scheme

It is part of the council’s aims to achieve net zero by 2030