‘More than half of bitcoin now green-powered’

Wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear are now allegedly used to mine the cryptocurrency

Carbon footprint of mining bitcoin multiplies by 126

In five years, it has cost the world $12bn in climate damages, a study has found

Cutting carbon is about ‘checks and balances’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast focusses on the power of blockchain and how it can help us in growing the carbon marketplace

Ripple pledges $100m to scale carbon markets using blockchain

The investment is expected to accelerate the removal of carbon and help modernise carbon markets through investments in innovative carbon removal companies and climate-focused fintechs

DeFi Technologies joins the Crypto Climate Accord

The CCA’s objectives include achieving net zero emissions from electricity consumption for its signatories by 2030 and adopting 100% renewable-powered blockchains by 2025

Mode Global targets net zero crypto operations by 2030

It is working on plans to tackle its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality ‘significantly ahead’ of this date