Crown Estate unveils changes for Celtic Sea lease round

The updates for the Celtic Sea lease round, include port considerations, spatial constraints and risk mitigation measures

Record offshore wind profits propel Britain’s royal finances to new heights

The Crown Estate’s net revenue profit soared to £442.6 million, predominantly driven by the round 4 offshore wind farm lease tender

UK readies six offshore wind farms

The Crown Estate has signed lease agreements for six offshore wind farms that could potentially power seven million homes

Will King Charles block government’s fracking plan?

The Crown owns all mineral rights in England and Wales

Three offshore wind projects offered seabed agreements off Shetland

They are expected to generate 2.8GW of electricity in total – enough to power around two million homes in Scotland

Race to the bottom: Will we start deep sea mining?

The government is allegedly looking at plans to evaluate potential underwater reserves of key materials for EV batteries

Tata Steel and RWE forge alliance to assess floating wind farm steel needs

They will work together to identify the steel components that could be supplied from Tata Steel in floating wind technologies for gigawatt-scale projects in the Celtic Sea

UK’s Crown Estate and Volta Trucks partner for electric truck trial in London

Set to launch in summer 2022, the trial will see the all-electric Volta Zero bring deliveries to retailers in Regent Street, where the Crown Estate’s portfolio spans 10m square feet