Methane from cow burps? – Bill Gates says no

The billionaire is backing an Australian start-up looking to stop the greenhouse gas during cow’s digestion

UK launches investigation to quash methane emissions

This is for agriculture, which represented 10% of all UK emissions in 2019

Cow burps to be taxed!

New Zealand plans to tax sheep and cattle burps in a bid to slash greenhouse gas emissions

Ben & Jerry’s looks for a carbon-clean scoop

It is trialling a farming process that cuts carbon and methane from its products

Prince Charles backs cow mask that neutralises emissions

A mask that cows can wear to cut methane output has won an award and funding

Cows ‘could bring clean heat to 750,000 UK homes’

Almost 109 biomethane green gas production sites are currently connected to Britain’s gas grid, new report suggests

Seaweed to feed the Northern Irish ‘Dairy Girls’

Feeding seaweed to cows could cut emissions by 30% a new study has found

‘All cows will be using toilets in a few years’ – for the climate…

A new study reveals that if 80% of cows were potty-trained, it could cut ammonia emissions by up to 50%

US dairy farms to milk carbon savings through sustainable cooling programme

New partnership will see the integration of more energy efficient and economically-viable cooling systems in line with the Net Zero Initiative

Crypto powered by cow manure?

Bury-based crypto mining company is running its computers using cow manure and other renewable energies