North Norfolk District Council pledges to achieve net zero by 2030

This follows its recent virtual event held to educate locals on what they can do to lower their carbon footprint

East Sussex Council to invest £3m into tackling climate change

It has set an aim to reduce its carbon emissions by 13% each year

Stevenage Borough Council pledges to achieve net zero by 2030

The council is cutting the emissions of its own operations and is providing grants and education to help residents and businesses do the same

‘London boosts LED streetlighting by £124m’

A new study has revealed which cities have invested the most in LED streetlighting

Festival Net Zero: How does a large local authority start its net zero journey?

John Seddon, Head of Transport and Innovation at Coventry City Council, took to the stage to explain how to overcome some of the hurdles associated with cutting emissions

ENGIE lands £33m housing maintenance and repairs contract with Manchester City Council

ENGIE has a strong and established partnership with Manchester City Council, already delivering repairs and maintenance services to more than 400 council buildings across the city

Aberdeen City Council approves five-year climate change plan

It has pledged to expand connections to existing heat networks, convert its fleet to EVs and implement energy efficient measures in its journey to net zero

Partnership presents affordable zero carbon homes in Cheshire

ENGIE is delivering several zero carbon homes that will help the local council reduce carbon emissions and bring down living costs for residents

More than half of UK councils have set a net zero goal for 2030 or sooner

A new study suggests local ambition is driving many of the country’s councils to set decarbonisation goals more than 20 years earlier than national targets require

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council lands £6.5m of heat network funding

Heating in Solihull currently accounts for approximately 400,000 tCO2e, roughly one-third of the town’s total greenhouse gas emissions