Manchester invests £227m into 2038 net zero target

Funding has come from the council itself, the government, partners and the EU

Bristol Council sets £3.3m aside for heat pumps

This will see 200 installed across a two-year project

‘Councils need help for net zero’, say Scottish MPs

This includes skills training and funding, a new report claims

Council pledges £290m to net zero effort

This is set to decarbonise homes, Norwich Council has said

‘York needs £3.8bn for net zero’

This is to see 73k heat pumps installed and 91k EVs on the roads, the council has said

Luton Borough Council commits to net zero by 2040

It has set a roadmap to achieve this – including targets on zero-emission transport and cleaner buildings

East Riding of Yorkshire sets climate strategy

The area has one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe, the council has said

Devon Council ‘on course’ for net zero pre-2030

This would see a 70% cut in emissions, with the remaining 30% offset

Oxfordshire County Council commits to net zero by 2050

New plans should see its own corporate emissions halved by 2024

Council aiming for ‘Mini-Holland’ cycling system

It has received £3m in government funding to boost cycling and walking